The 6 NUTRIEDGE's Principles and Quality Control Point

The entire production process from receiving the raw materials to the delivery of the end product,
is entirely automatic. The complete production process runs in accordance with the IFS, BRCGS norms

1. Global Sources & NutriEdge Formulation
* Carefully selected global sources from France, UK, New Zealand and other part of the world for NutriEdge Formulation matrix
2. Internal & External Ingredients Analysis
*Information on raw material is collected and both analysis is conducted to provide accurate information as well as monitoring by batch per time
3. State-of-the-Art Facilities
*Global Standard Food Safety & International Featured Standards (IFS) Food with network facilities more than twenty pet food kitchen across ten European countries. New cutting-edge technology, Wenger Extrusion is the core of business that ensures maximum valorization of the raw materials resulting in highly digestible pet food products. *Non-conformity are found, the kibbles will be rejected.
4. Monitoring the Process
* Every stage of process required to meet highest product qualification and specificaton. *Colour, shape and size are evaluated, density and moisture content are measured *A small non conformity immediately can be corrected.
5. Packaging Measurement Parameter
6. Final Product Examination

Our Main Ingredients of Petfood Kitchen